Investigating + Investing with TSP

TSP, Inc.

TSP AM 2024 Case Study-05


Each spring, TSP, Inc. brings together employees from its four regional offices for a three-day employee workshop, blending work + fun. This event aims to celebrate the achievements of the past year while fostering a renewed focus on collaboration and innovative thinking for the year ahead. Caliber was ready to jump in to help conceptualize event theme ideas that were tailored towards the main event entertainment, which was a masquerade murder mystery dinner party. 

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The team developed the theme "Shared Discoveries: Investigating + Investing with TSP," recognizing that a significant portion of the event would center around the team's ongoing learning and development to enhance both personal growth and the company's overall success. This theme incorporated elements of mystery and suspense, aligning with the vision of the weekend. The Caliber team also devised visual concepts to reinforce the theme across various materials and deliverables.

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