A Campaign for the Comfort of Your Home




PrairieSons, a plumbing and HVAC contractor, provides comprehensive services in plumbing, heating, and air conditioning for projects of any scale. Renowned for their playful and clever brand communication, this year presented the challenge of coming up with a fresh visual theme that would catch their audience's eye and keep PrairieSons top of mind when they need their variety of services. The visuals and messaging must touch on each of their three core residential services: plumbing, heating, and cooling, along with highlighting their seasonal promotions.



Our team enjoyed devising a collection of lively seasonal liners and corresponding illustrations for each of their core services. The personality and tone of the messaging are fun, clever, and memorable. Our concept included a main call-to-action of "Not In YOUR House" and one-liners that hint at different scenarios homeowners do not want to catch themselves in. The copy easily sparked entertaining and playful visuals, ranging from a furnace on the verge of explosion to a homeowner resorting to their freezer for cool air when the air conditioner fails.

Throughout the year, these illustrations were used in a variety of deliverables. A series of billboards were developed to highlight each service and season, while their promotional offers were advertised with radio spots and direct mail pieces.