A Fresh Look For An Untamed Legacy


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Mustang Seeds has been a local, family owned business for nearly 60 years. Throughout the years, they’ve withstood the test of time to confidently stake their claim in the regional seed industry. As their 60th anniversary approaches, they were ready to refine their branding and overall marketing efforts. Caliber was tasked to develop new marketing materials that acknowledged the pride of their past success as well as set them up for future success for years to come. In short; celebrate the past, but keep forging ahead.

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Mustang Graphic
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As Caliber built out the new marketing components, special attention was needed to ensure the original brand integrity was kept in place, while trying to find areas to push for refinement. After all, we didn’t want to lose sight of the fact that what they’ve been doing for 60 years has been working and we weren’t going to be the ones to derail that success. The new campaign is built around celebrating 60 years of success with good ol’ Americana pride and the Untamed attitude that is ingrained in the Mustang team.