A Campaign with Personality


CCF 2023 Case Study-07


The Clay County Fair is an entity unlike any other around these parts. It seems everyone knows—or at least has heard—about it. It is a presence so significant it almost takes on a life of its own. In fact…what if it was a living person? That’s one person we would love to meet. If the Clay County Fair were a person, they quite possibly would be the single most exciting, fun, energetic and interesting person you’ve ever met. Maybe a little “out there”. They’d be open to a good time and always looking to make new friends. But don’t take our word for it. Introducing Clay. Clay County Fair. Everyone’s BFF (Best Fair Forever).

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The campaign revolves around personifying the fair as Clay, a vibrant character with a focus on Grandstand Entertainment, Food, and Agriculture—the quintessential elements of the event. The campaign's graphics showcase Clay's favorite fair features, with an invitation from Clay himself to join the festivities.

Each illustration strategically places elements resembling a person, such as hair, arms, and facial features, creating an air of mystery and imagination around Clay's identity. The campaign aims to capture the diverse meanings the fair holds for each visitor, fostering a sense of individual connection and anticipation. Clay, the embodiment of the Clay County Fair, invites all to partake in the unique and unforgettable experience awaiting them.

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