Taking An Event To The Apex

Ag Leader

Ag Leader Case Study-03


Ag Leader, a precision ag technology company, reached out to Caliber for help branding an event for their best-performing dealers. Referred to as ‘Blue Delta Dealers,’ these ‘best of the best,’ dealers are invited to an annual event to connect, motivate, and educate for the next sales season. The goal was to create an exciting, engaging, and cohesive event theme without crossing the line of cheesy, cliche, or overdone. Ag Leader and Caliber worked together to develop the overall message, look, and feel of the event to make it an attractive and captivating event.

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We developed a theme around these goals that would excite and motivate Ag Leader’s Elite. Dark colors punctuated by electric blue, tactical patterns, and event theme badges and graphics were developed to excite all attending. The underlying theme of rising to a challenge, achieving aspirational status, and coming together for the greater cause, combined with the recognition of their accomplishments, leaves attendees with a feeling that they can conquer anything. The series of videos created for the event used a mix of graphics, motion, and sound to once again excite and engage the audience, drive the purpose of the event, incorporate the theme in a story-telling way, and hone in on the benefit and meaning of being a Blue Delta Dealer.

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