An Event Sixty Years in the Making

Mustang Seeds

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The team at Mustang Seeds found Deadwood to be the ideal backdrop for their 60-year celebration and came to Caliber to help establish the event theme. The event needed to highlight the significance of 60 years and the long-standing history of the company, all while showcasing the vibrant and enjoyable culture that defines the organization. So was created the ‘Sixty-Year Stampede.’

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Our team created an event logo and graphic theme. Illustrations featuring elements like barbed wire, cowboy boots, and mountains were crafted to capture the essence of the event location, and they easily integrated with the established Mustang brand.

Various deliverables were crafted to enhance the event's branding and ensure a warm welcome for every guest. Tailored event boxes, presented as gifts to attendees, were filled with bespoke items such as etched whiskey glasses, a commemorative bandana, embossed coasters, and several other branded items.

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Themed rooms were set up for attendees to socialize and have fun the night before the main event. Each room had themed games, and attendees could use provided tickets to enter drawings for a chance to win prizes.

Additionally, significant deliverables for the event included a brand video highlighting the Schultz family and Mustang Seed's impressive 60-year history. This content was further transformed into a well-executed perfect-bound book, which was provided to each guest.