Branded From the Inside Out

Self-care studio

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The founders of Self-Care Studio came to Caliber needing help creating a strong brand and messaging that encompasses who they are. Entering a market with well established competitors, it was essential that they positioned themselves as an all-in-one health, wellness, and aesthetics studio to stand out. Self-Care Studio is a place where patients can feel empowered to advocate for themselves using a whole picture approach to identify root causes to achieve real, meaningful, and lasting wellness. Their ultimate goal is to have patients leave feeling better than when they arrived. Caliber jumped at the chance to assist in developing the brand.

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Our team created a custom logo and wordmark to help identify the Self-Care brand as luxurious, sophisticated, refreshing, and empowering. The logo consists of a curving ‘S’ and ‘C’ to reiterate the name and incorporates varying line weight for a touch of softness. We created the wordmark to be used with the icon or as a stand alone mark to provide ease of usage across deliverables. The intentional break in the ‘F’ creates a natural hyphen to give a visual break in the title while an abstract mirror was included to emphasize the deeper meaning of finding true beauty and wellness within. The brand as a whole consists of warm and inviting, colors, patterns, imagery, and phrases that bring the founders compassion and empowerment to life.

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