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Homecare Services

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Homecare Services came to Caliber with a request for assistance in revitalizing their brand. The need was a refreshed brand identity that would set them apart from other service providers. Given the constantly growing and competitive market, Homecare Services recognized the importance of delivering the correct message and portraying the organization to its full potential to ultimately build awareness around its longstanding history.

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To achieve this, our team first started with the logo and brand copy. The refined brand voice exudes confidence, professionalism, and expertise, but in a loving and personal tone. The revamped logo modernizes the brand by simplifying and rounding the icon’s design and introducing a softened typeface. Complementing this, the updated brand theme uses a mix of bright colors and personal imagery to showcase the compassion and approachability of their team. Additional hand-drawn branding elements help personify the brand even further and give it that personal touch.

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