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The community of De Smet, South Dakota was on a mission to refresh its image and draw a broader crowd of visitors to enjoy all aspects of the town and outdoor region. The challenge was breaking free from being seen as just a historical spot centered around Laura Ingalls Wilder. Overcoming the small-town stereotype was another hurdle. Our goal was simple yet powerful: rebrand De Smet as a modern, diverse destination with plenty to offer beyond its past, while still keeping its unique small-town charm. We're here to change perceptions and prove that De Smet is a lively place with lots to do, giving everyone a fresh reason to visit.

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Caliber sprang into action, working hard on meeting the goals of the De Smet team. Our main focus was rejuvenating and revitalizing De Smet's city brand, highlighting its contemporary elements and diverse attractions beyond the Laura Ingalls Wilder legacy. The new brand aims to shift perceptions, showcasing De Smet and its surrounding nature and wildlife areas as vibrant and lively destinations with a variety of activities. The rebrand will continue emphasizing the richness of De Smet's small-town charm while portraying it as a modern, dynamic place to visit.

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When developing the visual identity for the new brand, our primary goal was to capture the great outdoor scenery that defines De Smet. We also wanted to capture the community's natural charm and playful spirit. To achieve this, we crafted a series of illustrations showcasing iconic landmarks, Laura and the homesteading lifestyle, and outdoor recreation. These dynamic icons serve as a testament to the town's distinctive charm.

Utilizing these captivating illustrations, along with compelling photography and engaging videos, we seamlessly integrated them into a wide variety of promotional print and digital materials to help promote the opportunities in both the community and the surrounding outdoor recreation areas.


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