Capturing a South Dakota Classic

West River Haven

West River Haven-04

West River Haven came to Caliber with the request to help promote their multi-faceted business so they could expand beyond just being known for their hunting services. The original request was for our team to capture custom photography of their hunting land and amenities - but we couldn't just leave it at that. Our team packed up the office and headed west river to experience West River Haven in all it's glory firsthand. We captured custom photography of our team genuinely enjoying the lodge, staff, hunting grounds and amenities.. we'll just call it 'market research'.

Between romping around the hunting grounds on ATVs and practicing our long range shooting skills, we also spent our time enjoying delicious meals at the Grey House Inn and utilizing the lodge for their Corporate Event space to cover Caliber biz. Throughout this time we were able to capture the fun atmosphere of West River Haven and really show all that they have to offer - Lodging, Corporate Events and Hunting Services.
West River Haven-05
West River Haven-06