An Exclusive Event for the Best of the Best

LG Seeds: We Mean Business Summit

WMB Summit-06

The 2020 We Mean Business Summit was an inaugural event for LG Seeds created for their top dealers. The event was unique as it put a focus on helping these dealers improve and grow their businesses rather than focusing on the LG brand. With that said, they wanted to change the way they interacted with their dealers and needed this event to feel exclusive and stand out from all prior events that LG dealers are required to attend and really wow their attendees.

The graphic theme was based on the tactical approach they want dealers to take with their seed business. This approach also incorporated the keynote speaker, who had a military background and would be speaking on the topic of extreme ownership. The goal of the graphic theme was to incorporate the main elements of the LG brand while establishing its own unique look.

As the theme was established, it was important to ensure the layout of the room was complimentary to the goals of the event. Rather than the typical layout of chairs around tables, we wanted a more intimate experience and opted to have a half circle of rows of chairs placed around the center stage. Lighting was also set to compliment the space and fill the room with energy.

This project is celebrated by both LG Seeds and Caliber as a huge success. Participation and excitement was very high from LG team members and has set the bar high for future events.