August Lindsey Blog

Back to The Basics

By Lindsey Morris on Aug 3, 2022

In today’s world as a consumer, you can’t go very long without being exposed to some type of marketing. Whether that is driving down the road, watching your favorite TV show, listening to the radio or scrolling on your phone, you are exposed to some sort of marketing. However, on the other side of things, how does one navigate choosing the right medium to promote their message? This can be an overwhelming process, especially as the media world continues to grow. How do you know you are spending your marketing dollars on the most effective medium?

A great way to do this is going back to the basics – Who? What? When? Where? Why? (We all learned this problem solving method in elementary school, right?) 

WHO? Who is your target audience? What generation do they belong to? Do they use one medium more than the other? Do they work in a particular industry?

WHAT? What are your competitors doing? What KPIs are most valuable to you? What content do you want to include?

WHEN? When should your message be displayed? Specific time of day? Only certain seasons throughout the year? During one specific event?

WHERE? Do you want to share your message locally, regionally or nationally? Do you want to target a very specific radius? 

WHY? Grow brand awareness? Improve customer engagement? Increase sales? Recruit new employees?

Now, who better to go through this process with than the team at Caliber? Let us help you take a deep dive into each of these questions and get the best results out of your marketing efforts!