7Q Jamie

7 Q’s With Jamie

By Lindsey Morris on Jul 15, 2022

Breakfast or dinner? Describe your ideal meal. 

This is hard, but if I’m forced to choose I’ll go with dinner. I’m a meat and potatoes girl, so I’d go with a filet, mashed potatoes, garden salad with ranch dressing and a cold beer. 

How did you come to be at Caliber?

After being at the same advertising agency for nearly 20 years, I had decided it was time for a change. Casey Schultz and I worked together early on in our careers and had kept in touch and Caliber ended up having an opening that was a perfect fit for me. I was always impressed with Caliber’s work and the team is even more amazing. It was just the change that I needed. 

Recommend a book, movie, music album, etc. – a favorite or something you’ve consumed recently

Top Gun: Maverick…I mean c’mon. What isn’t there to love about that movie?! 

What piece of advice would you give to your younger self or someone early in their career path?

My dad always told me…always be the first one there and the last to leave whether that’s for a team practice, your job, meeting, etc. That always stuck with me and goes beyond just the time aspect of it all. It’s about going above and beyond what others are doing to show that you are more than capable of any task or challenge presented to you. Hard work pays off. 

What skill, hobby, or experience do you have that would surprise people? 

I can play the piano and sing. I started taking piano lessons when I was 6 years old until I was 17. I also took voice lessons throughout middle and high school and as a teen sang the national anthem at rodeos every summer. 

What’s a cause that you are passionate about and why? 

I don’t necessarily have a strong passion for a single cause, but rather do my best to support causes that directly affect or have impacted my close friends and family. This would include the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association. 

Describe your perfect day.

My perfect day would start off with a mimosa and a nice breakfast at the beach. Then sitting beachside for the day with my family, relaxing, listening to the waves and people watching with a cold drink in my hand. I’d wrap up my day by dressing up and going to a nice dinner.