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The ‘B-Word’ Has a Different Meaning Around Here

By Casey Schultz on Nov 12, 2019

Lately, our team has been doing more and more work for our clients revolving around the blanket term of ‘branding’. While many other studios and agencies define branding as a service or a skill set they offer, the team at Caliber really tries to take a deeper dive into the branding process and relate it to business strategy and projected future growth. I’m not going to get into the ‘your brand is more than a logo’ discussion here; I hope we can all agree we’re past that way of thinking at this point. In our eyes, the projected future growth of an organization is directly tied to its branding at some level, no matter how you look at it.

From day one, Caliber has always kept two things in the forefront of our core services: top-notch branding and exceptional customer service. Obviously, there are a lot of factors and details that fall into those two categories, but at the end of the day, if we’re asked what we specialize in, it’s branding and customer service. Everything Caliber does, relates back to the question of ‘how does this effect/relate/strengthen the brand?’

Now, let me back-track before we go any further.

Caliber is a full-service agency. We do a variety of work, for lots of different clients – and we love every minute of the ride. Our skill set, client list, capabilities and past experiences are a varied smorgasbord of marketing goodness. However, going forward we’re striving to work with all of our clients on a more intimate level. We want to be a part of the overall business strategy. We want to hear business goals, objectives, potential red flags and expected outcomes.

We want to dig deeper than just ‘we need some marketing ideas to sell more widgets.’ That mentality is too short-sighted for us to really showcase how our team can help our clients. Quite often, those quick-turn requests leave our team and our clients feeling a bit…empty. Our team clearly does our best work when we’re engaged and invested in our clients’ best interests and we’re passionate about what we’re doing.

Yes, we want to help you sell products, change perceptions and gain market share. But how can we help you set up your business for years of future success versus chasing a quick sale? How does what we’re doing strengthen the brand?

It’s this sort of big-picture thinking and business strategy that will position some organizations and brands apart from others. There will still need to be supporting marketing plans to back each of these brands, but the foundation of the brand is critical to the future success of each organization.

So yes, we do ‘branding,’ but I can assure you we take ‘branding’ to another level. It might be just what you need to position your business for long term success.