Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

By Casey Schultz on Aug 12, 2021

Can you spot the I in teamwork? I’m sure many of us have stories from our past where being part of a team turned out to be a solo venture with other people’s names added at the end. Below are some things Caliber utilizes for our teams.


Everyone should know what is expected of them right from the beginning. Remove the ambiguity and understand what people expect from you and what you expect from them. Be sure to write it down or send an email so that everyone can reference it, should they need a reminder.


When someone on your team isn’t living up to their expectations, it needs to be acknowledged by everyone. It should never be about pointing fingers at someone else. Instead, it’s a necessity for everyone on the team to know what’s going on and where improvements are needing to be made. Approach the situation with a “What can we do to improve this for next time?” instead of who to blame, and it will lead to better discussions.


Teams need to feel comfortable working together. Everyone has different styles and methods with how they work on a project, so the more harmonious the team can be, the better equipped they will be to tackle frustrating problems.


Going solo is easy, being part of a team can be harder.