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Pour Some Sugar on Me

By Sarah Madsen on May 25, 2021

As a Caliber newbie fresh out of college, one of my favorite hobbies is baking cupcakes. I feel my most creative in the kitchen, whipping up new and tasty combinations of cakes + frostings. It allows me to express myself, helps me relax and I usually have extras to bring to the Caliber Crew the next day, which is hopefully earning me brownie points (no pun intended).

Being fairly new to the advertising agency scene, I am just starting to get a hang of the steps that are taken by marketing and advertising firms to understand their clients and create the best possible outcome for them, big or small. 

In the agency world, those involved are required to possess patience, imagination and to be exceptionally meticulous as they begin to dive into a client and their needs. As the relationship between the two grows, mutual trust & understanding develop as the client is able to see their vision come to life. But if one element is off, the whole project could be derailed. In the end, the goal of an agency is to create an outcome for the client so they are able to experience a sense of calmness that sparks excitement as a new beginning is emerging. 

The same goes for baking. Baking requires attention to detail, accuracy & precision. If the necessary ingredients and their corresponding measurements are not accurately measured out, the entire recipe is off. This can cause the wrong texture, taste, color, rise or a combination of everything. This can be extremely frustrating and discouraging, but also preventable if the necessary preparation is done beforehand. The joy that comes with baking a perfectly risen batch of cupcakes is unmatched and can be achieved by being diligent when it matters most. 

Marketing and baking are one in the same. Taking the necessary steps to prepare and set yourself up for success is vital if you have an outcome in mind that you want to achieve. When it’s time to make the next marketing and advertising decision for your business, Caliber is your one-stop shop for the accuracy, precision and imagination your business needs. Whether you are looking for assistance in creating the perfect billboard or are looking to completely rebrand, Caliber has the experience, knowledge and tools needed to craft the perfect solution for your business! Our door is always open and who knows, there may even be cupcakes waiting for you!