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Flex Your Creative Muscles

By Casey Schultz on Jul 11, 2019

When brainstorming a new design, the first thing I do is reach for my iPad or (more likely when my iPad is dead) the nearest sketchbook. I find when I try to type out my ideas, my mind goes completely blank. As a visual learner, I HAVE to see all my thoughts in one space in order to separate the good ideas from the bad.  Because of this, drawing is a great way to keep me organized and relieve myself of some stress that comes from holding onto an abstract idea.

Even as I type this I hate using the term “non-creative”, simply because I don’t believe it’s true. However, my “non-creative” friends (as they dub themselves) often come to me saying “I want to be creative, but my brain just doesn’t work that way!” An analogy I often tell them is to think of being creative as a sport. Few people are born with the natural skill, while most have to work hard for it. That’s exactly how it is to be creative. Flex your muscles and get drawing. You wouldn’t believe the progress you can make with a little practice.

I believe drawing is an essential skill for designers and one that is very much overlooked. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to be the next Michelangelo by any means, but practicing how to convey an idea through an image is what graphic design is all about. Drawing a little bit every day can be incredibly useful for not just concepting new ideas, but even just developing a skill you can use in your creative work.

Not only is drawing great for being creative, but there are LOADS of studies completed to show how sketching can positively impact your health. These health benefits include; improved memory, improved creativity, improved communication skills, improved problem-solving skills, stress relief, and even an increase in emotional intelligence. These are skills that are great to have no matter what field you are in, which to me sounds like it’s time for a good practice session. Are you game?