Growing Untamed Potential in a Regional Seed Dealer

Mustang Seeds


Mustang Seeds is a family-owned seed company that has been around for over 55 years. They planted roots in Madison, SD and have since been serving area farmers with their trustworthy and dependable seed products and customer service. With the ever-changing landscape in the agricultural world, Mustang Seeds knew they had to evolve along with the industry.

Caliber helped them develop a whole new approach to their marketing, starting with the creative execution. By reimagining just what their name implies, Caliber brought the power, passion and perseverance of a wild Mustang to life. Aside from the creative execution, Caliber also transitioned Mustang’s marketing strategy to a much more well-rounded approach that included a digital-first approach. By blending their traditional efforts with new digital elements, Caliber has positioned Mustang to be a leader in their market and gain new exposure to a much wider audience.