A Rebrand That Rises Above

Tower Systems

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Tower Systems is a family-operated tower solutions company headquartered in Watertown, South Dakota, with divisions in Winter Park, Florida, and a satellite office in Angle Inlet, Minnesota. As a well respected leader in the industry for over 45 years, Tower Systems was in need of a brand and image update. Inspired by the bold attitude and high aspirations of the Tower Systems team, Caliber got to work on creating a new brand that showcased the legacy of Tower Systems as well as their future-forward thinking and innovative spirit.

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The new logo represents the uplifting and positive spirit of Tower Systems with it’s vertical lines formed into a bold and memorable shape. The icon itself is reminiscent of a tower structure with its interconnecting lines and strong symmetry. Paired together with a strong wordmark, the updated logo gave Tower Systems a more modern look that has helped them put their future-forward thinking first as well as allow them to evolve with the ever changing industry.

The new tagline ‘We Rise’ was developed to further reinforce Tower Systems’ can-do attitude and unstoppable spirit. Additional brand messaging was created and implemented in the brand rollout which included a brand launch video, identity system, apparel, recruitment collateral and print & digital ads.


The Caliber team captured footage of the Tower Systems crews at work across the Midwest. A brand video was then created to help announce the logo and brand update internally as well as externally at the Tower Systems brand launch event. 

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Workforce recruitment is vital in the tower industry, and in order to recruit top talent we developed a specific graphic theme and messaging focused on the benefits of a career in the tower industry.

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Tower Systems was founded by William (Bill) Carlson in 1975. A trailblazer in the industry, Bill was known as a tremendous family man, business man, mentor and friend. His genuine care for safety in the industry led him to Co-found NATE - A non-profit association that provides uniform safety standards, education and communications for the wireless industry. To honor his dedication to the industry and his company, a custom WFC flag was created to celebrate Bill’s patriotic spirit and his commitment to his country. The flag was designed to compliment the new Tower Systems icon and is used proudly alongside the new brand on vehicles, apparel and print collateral.

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