Don’t Risk It

LG Seeds

LG Dont Risk It Case Study-02


We set out to create a series of short social videos and advertisements to drive users to download LG Seed’s new app. The main challenge with these was not blending in within social feeds by using a non-stereotypical visual that did not include crops or big machinery. We also needed these to have some energy and urgency, so our idea was to use the medium of corn to illustrate our main message, “Don’t Risk It.” We then wanted to visually emphasize how easy it was for viewers to lose their corn or yields, in this case, by having it blow away, illustrating what they are risking.


Working with corn is well… hard.  It’s finicky and very, very heavy which caused a couple of production challenges overall.  First, knowing that we would need to set and shoot the corn multiple times, we created laser-cut foam stencils to hold the corn.  This worked great but still required us to finesse kernels into place one by one, but cut resetting time down significantly.  After solving that problem, we needed to figure out how much firepower (or in this case leaf blower power) we needed to blast the corn off our blue-screened board.  We ended up needing two electric and one gas-powered blower to accomplish the look we were going for.  All of this work, for what ends up being a 2-second clip in these videos.  It was a lot of work but the end result was well worth it!

LG Dont Risk It Case Study-06
LG Dont Risk It Case Study-05