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Changing The Channel

By Sarah Madsen on Feb 22, 2023

Most come for the football. Some come for the food. All come for the commercials. 

As advertising junkies, we look forward to all of the creativity and originality that comes with the Super Bowl commercials. Every year there are tons of great ads that make a splash and some that don’t quite hit the mark. We see everything from hilarious humor, to clever re-works, to ads that make us stop in our tracks and hit us with all of the emotions (good, bad or otherwise). 

Ben Affleck and the Dunkin’ Donuts Drive-Through got everyone in the room laughing. While, Uber One had everyone in the room singing along to their new jingle with the nostalgic homage, featuring some great throwback tunes. In the next breath, The Farmer’s Dog captured everyone’s hearts, and maybe even caused a few tears with their sentimental and emotional spot. 

But by far the most talked about ad of the 2023 line-up was that from Tubi. Every household in America elicited the same response from the genius ad- a quick freak-out over who changed the channel mid-Super Bowl. In just 15 seconds, Tubi had viewers scrambling for the remote and were able to make a huge impact. Was it worth the frustration of the audience to get the point across? I’d say so. Some might even call it striking marketing gold. Because ultimately people are still talking about it, which seems like a win in my book. 

If you’re looking to make a splash with your advertising and want consumers to remember you over the competition, change the channel to Caliber and we’ll help you get there. We promise we won’t make your viewers scream in frustration, but we will help you be at the top of their mind.