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More Than A Feeling

By Caliber on Feb 3, 2020

With Valentine’s Day upon us, it’s easy to feel a variety of emotions. Stress to find the right gift for that special someone, sadness for those that are no longer with us, joy as you are planning the perfect date, surprise as you are presented with a showering of love from your friends and family. 

As an advertising agency, we market to a variety of different emotions. Creating a strong brand identity will intrigue customers to learn more about your company. A unique marketing message will evoke the emotions you need to gain customers.

The fear of missing out emotion is often overused, and is prominent leading up to Black Friday. Retailers present major discounts in hopes the customer will buy on a whim since it’s promoted as the best deal of the year. 

Joy can be seen in soda and beer marketing. There is typically focus on someone having a great time at a party or big event. We all smile at the guy dancing on the big screen at the game, thanks to his thirst-quenching drink!

Disgust is evident with political ads. The advertiser goes to great lengths to smear the reputation of an opponent or scare voters regarding a ballot issue.

Surprise is hard to pull off in the fast-paced social world we live in, where news leaks through various online sources. However, this can be as easy as giving a free drink or dessert to a customer. The word of mouth from a customer is priceless when they tell their friends and family about their surprise and delight experience.

Trust is what most marketers covet, and it’s often why the face of a realtor/banker/doctor is seen on local advertising campaigns. The creative is meant to make the customer feel as though they know him/her and can trust them to sell a house, handle a mortgage or take out a spleen. 

Anticipation is a perfect way to get your audience to start spreading word of mouth for you. This can be done by teasing the release of a new movie or album, or leading up to an event. In order to get your target market to care about your event takes a lot of behind the scenes work to be done right.  

These are a few of the popular emotions we market to, and it’s important to identify before digging into campaign planning. This will ensure your company will stand out from the competition.