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Importance of Brand Colors

By Caliber on Jan 11, 2024

Choosing a brand color palette isn’t just about colors; it’s about defining your identity and resonating with your audience. Your brand colors are one of the first elements people notice about your brand, so it is important to make a good first visual impression. They also must enforce brand recognition, remain consistent across your brand identity, and be versatile for the future of your business. With all of this in mind, here is a quick look into how our designers start their process of color selection: 


“After our research and discovery sessions with clients, we usually know if they have a strong opinion about a primary color. If they don’t, I usually start to get a pretty good idea of what would be fitting for them after hearing about their company or business. From there, I like to pick out a few secondary colors and start to form a palette that will help strengthen their overall brand and give them a lot of versatility moving forward. “ – Mandy Sturdevant, Art Director


“I begin by doing some research on similar and competing brands so that I have a good idea of what is being used. This helps with being original, but also using colors that make sense for the brand. When picking colors for a palette, I personally prefer the slightly muted side of colors as opposed to the bright and vibrant side.” – Joel Dirnberger, Graphic Designer


“I like to begin by looking at competitors in their field and getting a feel for what has been done. This helps me find a color palette that is original to their brand and less saturated by the market they are in. After doing that, I start to think about the color psychology of how that color resonates with the consumer. This helps me figure out what emotion I want to invoke, which is the basis of how we perceive brands and ultimately use or purchase their products. Then, I figure out the base colors I want to use and dig deeper into the hue, saturation, and value to further refine my palette.” – Cody Bunger, Graphic Designer