A Future-Focused Campaign

Prairie Lakes Specialty Clinic

PLHS Case Study-05

Prairie Lakes Healthcare System is located in Watertown, SD, and is a leader in regional healthcare for northeastern South Dakota and western Minnesota. Caliber partnered with Prairie Lakes Healthcare System to develop a campaign to announce the opening of the new state-of-the-art Prairie Lakes Specialty Clinic in 2018. With the 65,000 square foot addition, the marketing goal was to inform and educate the entire region about the open date and the services available in the new Specialty Clinic.

The new campaign message and theme centered around the technology and convenience brought to the area residents with several specialties under one roof. In addition to the Specialty Clinic opening campaign, Caliber has assisted Prairie Lakes Healthcare System in marketing their service lines and highly trained physician specialists in a variety of capacities.


Caliber created two separate message statements that carried the consumer from phase-to-phase (Pre Open and Now Open) and were also structured in a way that could be utilized in long-term promotions. This future-based messaging is built around how Prairie Lakes has new technology and the future in mind.

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