Creative Director

Caliber is on the lookout for a motivated Creative Director to help lead our creative department. This leadership role requires a delicate balance of professionalism and borderline crazy. We’re always looking for the next challenge, the next big idea, the next concept that raises a few eyebrows and the next execution that leaves our clients astounded. Beyond ideas and execution, we need a Creative Director who genuinely cares about the rest of their team and wants to help them succeed.

Interested? Maybe you’re not a Creative Director today – that’s OK. Shoot us a message and let’s talk to see if this role might be in your future at Caliber.

Bored? If you’re currently in a role like this, but might be ready to shake things up, let’s chat. We’re always open to kicking around new ideas and ways to make this a win/win for all involved.

Objectives of this Role

  • Feel confident in presenting ideas and work, even if you’re coloring outside the lines from time to time.
  • Build, lead, and review work of the creative team to help ensure top-notch execution.
  • Take loose strategy discussions and formulate them into campaign concepts.
  • Collaborate with all other team members at Caliber to consider outside ideas unique perspectives beyond your own.
  • Stay on top of marketing trends to ensure concepts from Caliber are on target.
  • Keep the budget in mind (please).

Routine Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with a team of cross-functional disciplines such as  graphic designers, copywriters, social media experts, photographers/videographers, and project managers.
  • Prioritize work and resources with the Caliber team to ensure projects stay on track.
  • Lead brainstorming sessions with creative team and assign take away tasks for each member of the project.
  • Review and approve art and copy developed by the team, ensuring deliverables that effectively address marketing goals and challenges.
  • Oversee presentation of final concepts, and obtain approvals for deliverables.
  • Encourage the rest of the Caliber team to push beyond the easy idea and get uncomfortable with new thinking.
  • Be a direct point of contact for outside vendors for specific project-related needs (photographers, videographers, copywriters, printers, etc…)


  • Agency experience required – preferably in a similar role.
  • Notable work samples that can be shown and explained in detail.
  • Proven experience with concept development as well proven technical execution in all media types.
  • Highly skilled with leading a team of creative talent.
  • Strong creative vision with an understanding of business objectives.
  • A humble team player, with contagious enthusiasm.

If you want to hear more or even just kick around some ‘what ifs’, shoot us an email at with ‘Creative Director’ in the subject line. Please no phone calls.