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15 Facts for 15 Years

By Lindsey Morris on Oct 10, 2023

Caliber has had a busy and entertaining fifteen years. Curious about our achievements or perhaps some unexpected mishaps? Check out below, numbers don’t lie.

  1. Established in 2008. Sharing a birth year of Taylor Swift’s album Fearless? Iconic. 
  2. Founded by two young, ambitious creatives. The best ideas are created in your friend’s basement, right?
  3. Two Caliber office buildings. We don’t like to bounce around, instead we like to find the perfect fit and plant our roots.
  4. Seven hundred seventeen team volunteer hours. Our team is always finding ways to help out in the community, whether it’s being a student mentor or raising awareness for important causes. 
  5. Five team retreats. Setting aside days for our team to regroup and focus on improvement has been vital to our growth. 
  6. Forty-nine pounds of Chrispmix consumed. Each year we strategically (or selfishly) make ‘too much’ mix so we can have some on hand. 
  7. Nine office plants killed. Even though our green-thumb has improved, we can’t forget about the lost ones who taught us proper care. 
  8. One hundred twenty-one rebrand projects. Taking something and making it cooler is kind of our specialty. 
  9. One hundred forty-two Friday breakfast clubs. Possibly the favorite Caliber tradition to date. Who doesn’t love a hearty breakfast to fuel them up for a Friday?
  10. Four Caliber party buses. If there is one thing our team knows how to do, it’s ride in style.
  11. Thirty-two team pot-lucks. Can you see the recurring theme here? We LOVE our food.
  12. One microwave fire. That’s an interesting story, right, Kelly?
  13. One hundred thirty-two American Advertising Awards won. It’s always a great feeling to be recognized for great work and display that hardware on our shelves. 
  14. Five hundred twenty-seven logo designs. That’s a lot of different lines, shapes, colors, and fonts – oh my!
  15. One snake caught in the office. We may have a zoo as a client, but we never intended for HQ to become ‘The Caliber Zoo’.