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Why Your Brand Should Consider A Refresh

By Caliber on Feb 10, 2021

Whether we are meeting with a client or a new business prospect, one of the first things that our team assesses is the logo and general brand identity of the business. Is the brand modern and fresh, or is it in dire need of an update?

As marketing professionals, our clients lean on our expertise and expect us to challenge them when it’s time to explore a brand refresh or full rebrand. In most instances, there is a connection to owners and their OG brand, but it often gets overlooked that the brand has not evolved since the inception of the company. Just think of all the changes that have been made to internal processes, platforms and staff, yet the brand goes untouched. Close your eyes and imagine if you still had the same haircut you had 10 years ago. Would you be proud to display that as a social media ad to 100,000+ viewers? Didn’t think so.

You are likely missing the mark due to an outdated brand and Caliber can identify those areas of opportunity. In Account Service, when we originally discuss the idea of a brand update with a client, we are often met with the question of “Why? What’s wrong with what we have?” or “What would you rework? I like it, I don’t want to change anything!” Once we discuss times have changed and so have the business goals, it then sinks in to most clients that everything infused with their existing brand is going to need to be changed over to match the new branding – all the way from building signage to business cards. *Cue dollars adding up in their head*

We agree, at first this is a daunting change – not to mention expensive, but it can’t be looked at as a one-time fee. Rather, view it as an investment and opportunity to take advantage of the new attention you will receive. It’s also a great chance to refocus your business goals for the next 5-10 years. Caliber will keep the branding process exciting, giving you a chance to breathe new life into your brand and propel your business forward.

Now, we couldn’t let our clients have all the fun! Caliber decided 2021 is the right time to refresh our own brand. We all had a hand in the project and are very proud of the update we coined “Caliber Reload.” Check out the update at to view the modernized logo and updated name, as well as new brand tone, cool lifestyle photography and graphic elements. The new brand tone – identified as playful and polished – provides a functional and expressive way to speak to our audience. The new tagline “beyond creative” can be further explained by the positioning line – Marketing that goes beyond creative to evolve your brand and expand its potential.