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The Hottest Updates On Social Media

By Casey Schultz on Jul 16, 2020

Summer is heating up and so is social media! Some of the hottest updates are being implemented and they could be just the fit your business has been searching for. 

Facebook & Instagram Shops 
New features on Facebook and Instagram are almost expected at this point. The two platforms are now rolling out Shops to more regions, which was originally released in mid-May. The Facebook and Instagram Shops make it easier for users to run their business completely through social media, plus it’s free! With the rise of mobile users, online shops have been the trend the last two years, so switching over might be the right choice for you. 

Snapchat Brand Profiles 
If your business or brand fits the bill for Snapchat, you can anticipate some exciting new features coming soon. Snapchat Brand Profiles would provide a spot for brands to live on the platform. As a brand you would have access to Branded AR Lenses, Highlights, Story Posts and a Native Store. 

LinkedIn Analytic Tools 
If your business relies on LinkedIn for lead generation or brand awareness, you’ll be happy to hear about their new tools. LinkedIn now allows company pages to view follower analytics. By reviewing a follower list you have the opportunity to track high spikes, either generated by a campaign or trends on the platform. 

It’s no secret that social media updates will continue to happen as different platforms evolve. If you are ready to push your brand a little further with the help of social media advertising – talk to the experts. We will be your partner in growth!