Powerful Copywriting

By Casey Schultz on Sep 29, 2020

Some of you may be wondering what copywriting even means. Does it have something to do with trademarks, website coding or the company printer? The answer is no, but the word “copywriting” may have sparked those ideas to pop into your head. To be honest, before I started in the industry I had no idea what copywriting was. 

Now that we have that cleared up, I want to talk to you about the power strong copywriting holds. Think about that ad, the one that made you impulse buy a new exercise ball, or the message that changed your perspective on a common household product. In these instances copywriting has influenced you. In this blog I’m going to share three aspects of copywriting that will change the way your audience interprets your message. 

Keep it Conversational 
Good copy isn’t fancy. You want to create a message that is easy to understand and the easiest way to do that is to make it conversational. Write your message like you would have a conversation, then re-read it. Does it make sense to you? Now does it make sense to your friend? 

Make it Relatable
Good copy is valuable. Your audience wants to feel valued and you do that by making your copy relatable. They should feel like your message resonates with their ideas, beliefs or personality. If you are not relating to your target audience you need to think about re-racking your copy strategy. 

Stay Authentic 
Good copy isn’t fake. People are smart and they typically know when a message isn’t real or authentic. You should be honest with your audience in a way that they feel comfortable trusting you, your company or your product. 

Remember that copy can come in many different forms. We see it working in radio scripts, social ads, billboards and even this blog. It’s true that almost anyone can write, but it doesn’t mean the copy is effective or even good. 

If you are craving a message that will convert customers, transform beliefs, or just make someone laugh, we have the tools you need. At Caliber, we stay current in a wide variety of industries so we can come to you with knowledge, fresh ideas and original content.