My Favorite Role

By Caliber on Nov 30, 2020

As an Account Executive, my day-to-day responsibilities range from budget tracking to meetings, research and proactive planning for my clients. While I do love to work with spreadsheets and to-do lists, my favorite role is to bring the Caliber team together for a brainstorming session. We are able to talk over challenges in an effort to create solutions for our clients. I’m amazed (and sometimes shocked) at the ideas that flow through our meetings. We dedicate focus to the client, learning more about their industry, business and audience to talk over the problem they need to solve. All guardrails are thrown out to allow the creative ideas and suggestions to flow. “What if… I know this is going to sound crazy, but hear me out…” Even the craziest idea can lead to a feasible solution. 

Caliber has been at the center of many brainstorming sessions with, and for, clients in need of our versatile marketing expertise – especially in this time of uncertainty. We utilize a brainstorming session as a kick-off and mold our ideas to create a custom marketing plan to meet client objectives, budget and goals. 

The Caliber crew is committed to thinking ideas through and planning ahead. Even though quick pivots are necessary, we never ignore the process. When there is a clear understanding of where you’re going, how and why, the plan will be smoothly executed. 

It’s also fun (and important) to pause at the end of a project to celebrate! To look back and remember where the project all started – with an amazing idea that was brought to life by our team in collaboration with the client.