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Let Freedom Ring…And Resonate

By Caliber on Jun 29, 2020

As I prepare to celebrate Independence Day with my family, there are several iconic traditions that come to my mind. Setting off fireworks, fishing and swimming at the lake, and s’mores by the fire. These traditions equate to what we call “top of mind awareness” in the advertising industry. When someone hears your company name, what comes to mind for them? Are they able to visualize your brand easily and recall your latest ad or sing your jingle? Or are they confused about your brand and what it stands for? 

You often do not even realize your brand is getting lost in the clutter by using a generic approach. As a branding agency, Caliber Creative will work with you to identify your unique brand position so your target demographic thinks of you first when in the market for your service or product. 

Creating a focused and relevant brand doesn’t happen in a snap, there are many factors that need to be considered and oftentimes are hard to identify internally. Caliber has a proven process to guide you through, which will identify the big picture and bring your marketing into focus. 

There are many advantages to refocusing your marketing approach. The obvious being the market will take notice of you, but the bonus is that your internal team will benefit from the clarity and feel reignited.

It’s time to resonate with your audience. The generic approach of being everything to everyone is no longer relevant and your current and potential customers expect more. Are you ready to light the fuse?