Gratitude Is the Best Attitude

By Jamie O'Brien on Nov 23, 2022

I am the youngest of four kids, so growing up I always looked forward to having my brother and sisters back home for the holidays. I still remember waiting and watching out the window in anticipation of them pulling into the driveway. I would run out to help them bring in their bags and usually meet a new girlfriend or boyfriend. I just loved having all my family together and listening to all the stories and nonstop laughter. As the years went on those boyfriends and girlfriends turned into brothers and sisters-in-law and our families grew even more with nieces and nephews, along with my own spouse and kids. Watching our table continue to expand each year makes the holidays that much more enjoyable as we pass on traditions to the next generation. And of course, more people means more food, more stories, and much more laughter.  

While every holiday is special for all of these reasons, Thanksgiving has always been my favorite. A lot of it has to do with it being a low-stress holiday. Unlike others, we’re not running around trying to find the perfect gifts, scrambling to get pictures with Santa, making Easter baskets, or hiding eggs. Thanksgiving is about taking the time to reflect and be thankful for our many blessings while surrounded by family… Oh, and a big ‘ol turkey. So, before the craziness of Christmas is here and the year is over, I encourage you to sit back and soak it all in because as Ferris Bueller said… Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.