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DIY Marketing

By Casey Schultz on May 14, 2020

As a kid, I watched my father tackle various home improvement projects, regardless if he had the knowledge on how to do it or not. I think that a lot of people are like my father and choose the DIY path to save money and feel self-sufficient. I myself, at one time, had adopted a similar attitude in trying to do work that I didn’t know how to do.

YouTube is a great resource for that. From professionals to DIY users, no longer are you having to talk to the employee at the hardware store and then try to remember what they said when you got back home. Instead, you just pull up a video and follow the steps, almost like a paint by numbers. Couldn’t be any easier…until it isn’t.

I’ve been in that situation where everything seems simple and straightforward, then it takes a sharp left turn and I am completely at a loss because my video doesn’t have that same issue. After some additional troubleshooting, I am usually at the point where I call someone with experience that can provide a better solution.  

You can take the same DIY approach when growing your business. You could post images to social media and build your own website using a prebuilt kit. At some point, a sharp left turn will appear and it will take away all your energy, as you now have to troubleshoot instead of managing the part of your business that you enjoy.

At Caliber we offer the opportunity to keep your growth momentum going and not get stalled out due to unforeseen circumstances. The word “pandemic” comes to mind. Our team has the experience and expertise to allow you to keep your attention, and energy, on the rest of your business while we handle any left turns that show up.

 Contact us today and we will implement a plan to tackle your current problem and how to grow your business. We Don’t Mess Around when it comes to providing expertise to our clients.