A Look Inside Caliber Headquarters

By Lindsey Morris on Jan 17, 2023

Caliber has always seen the importance of a positive and productive work environment. That’s why in the past few months we have made improvements to our office space. Of course we wanted it to look fresh and creative, but it has also added more flexibility and collaboration options for our team. The new additions offer a variety of workspace and seating areas for the Caliber team, making it easier to get away from your desk for a change of scenery or have small group meetings.

Here is a look into our revamped space and a few of the team’s favorite upgrades:


“I like that we turned one of our executive offices into a Creative Corner. This is a war lounge for our team to collab on cool projects or just shut the door and focus on an idea. Also doubles as a cozy nap spot.” – Brad DeVille, Agency Partner

“My favorite part of our “new office” is the addition of our stand up table that lives in the middle of our space. I find myself setting up shop here multiple times per day, and love that it encourages me to get out of my office and socialize, but additionally is a great meeting place to brainstorm ideas back and forth.” – Sarah Madsen, Account Executive

“I love being able to stand and work! Our new stand up desks give us the option to sit or stand with our entire workspace. It’s a nice option when you just need to change things up, or keep yourself awake after a team lunch outing!” – Mandy Sturdevant, Art Director