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Posted 11.27.2017
By Casey Schultz, Agency Partner

Say Hello to Matt and DeeDee

The leadership team at Caliber is growing! We couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to the two newest additions to the Caliber Team; Matt Foley and DeeDee Wilking. Both Matt and DeeDee have a long-standing relationship with Caliber and now we’re all working from the same side of the table for our clients. Matt  [ more ]

Posted 10.13.2017
By Casey Schultz, Agency Partner

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Over the summer, the Caliber team was really busy preparing for a big event for one of our clients, Producers Hybrids. Each summer, they host their National Sales Kickoff Meetings. It’s a big deal, and we love being a part of it. Each year we try to out-do ourselves in hopes that each and every  [ more ]

Posted 10.12.2017
By Mikena Albers, Account Assistant

Go Get Em’ Grads

As I begin to tackle year two at Caliber Creative, I can’t help but look back at where I was at a year ago; working part-time at a boutique while I was fervently pursuing a career in advertising. I applied at agencies I could really see myself working at, for a solid four months, (aka  [ more ]

Posted 08.09.2017
By Mikena Albers, Account Assistant

Caliber’s Summer Playlist

Every season requires its own playlist and I’m a firm believer that the best song selections come from friends. With that being said,  I asked the Caliber team to send me their best summer song requests. The playlist that we came up with features an influence from every genre including: classics to pop and definitely  [ more ]

Posted 07.13.2017
By Mikena Albers, Account Assistant

Dog Days at Caliber

Shorter hours, sand volleyball league, and meeting on patios are what Caliber summers are made of. Since this is the first summer that a few of us are celebrating with Caliber, I had a few hard-hitting questions for the team (knowing what flavor of ice cream everyone orders is IMPORTANT). It was also a fun  [ more ]